How to make delicate jewelry stand out


How to make delicate jewelry stand out

All the tiny, carefully crafted pieces of jewelry in your store deserves the spotlight in their own right, but with so many choices it can sometimes be hard to make them all stand out. The important thing to remember to avoid is clustering all of your products together too closely. This can blur the beauty to a point where people will become exhausted from looking through it all and walk away.

If you have a lot of inventory and you need it all out at the same time, jewelry trays offer a clean way to showcase everything in an orderly fashion with designated locations for individual pieces.

Rise up

An easy way to catch someone’s eye is to meet them there. When you build your store displays in a vertical fashion, it’s an easy way to grab attention. Like rising skyscrapers, people’s natural wonder draws them to what towers up from the ground and defies the gravity of the world.

Acrylic displays are ideal for ensuring everything it’s holding gets seen. Their clear and sturdy material allows your stock to be seen from all angles, and some of the display fixtures are capable of revolving for a 360-degree view. All the colors and designs of your jewelry will be shown with little obstruction from these cases or racks.

Single them out

Any particular item that you believe deserves to be separated from the rest has a number of ways to differentiate it, some more subtle than others. If you want to humbly emphasize certain pieces, an easy and cost-effective method would be to put some of the earrings and necklaces on heavy paper cards with various designs and colors. This will set them apart compared to any of the other nearby selection while not going overboard.

If you do want to go above and beyond, that’s exactly what you should do. Singular jewelry displays are made for only holding one piece at a time. It can be a wooden hand or finger with a single, sparkling ring on it, a solemn necklace display or even a lone watch on a stand. They will highlight that item by lifting it away from the others in a unique design. The effectiveness of these only really work when there are not too many of them, so use them sparingly.

All it takes is a passing glance at a singular piece of jewelry apart from all the rest to cause a double-take. When some of your products are displayed above the others, that’s exactly how your customers will treat them.

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