Unique jewelry displays using various trays


Unique jewelry displays using various trays
You may be looking around your store and wondering if there is any way to freshen up the display tables that host a whole array of jewelry styles. Perhaps you’ve tried organizing the merchandise by color, designer and type – and now you’re out of ideas. One solution for this dilemma is the addition of trays to create a new dynamic for your setup.

You can keep the same organizational system and product division that you currently have while using trays of various materials and sizes to add new visual appeal that will liven up the display. With a few small do-it-yourself projects, the overall aesthetic will receive a makeover and boost in attractiveness.

Vertical visuals
For this concept, you should buy a few black plastic trays or leatherette trays. Instead of laying them flat as expected, the trays can be set up on top of display tables and leaned against the wall. One of the easiest items to display using this idea would be necklaces. To bring the concept to fruition, attach small hooks to the backs of the trays. If that doesn’t seem feasible, you can probably just use gentle scotch tape on the back. Arrange and secure the necklaces in the back and then drape them over the top of the tray, so they hang neatly in front. One way to make the design more interesting is by setting the necklaces up so they appear to be different heights. While you can keep the trays simple with just a few necklaces, it may look nice to hang a whole host of items for an eclectic look.

You might also use display trays for an earring arrangement. To start this project, you’ll need a bit of chain that has links big enough to slip earring backs through. Using wire cutters, separate the chain into pieces that reach across the tray. Secure the lengths of chain behind your trays, leaving a little slack. Whether you just hang one chain per tray or line up a handful going down the display, you now have the perfect display fixture for dangling earrings.

The layered look
When your original display ideas are looking flat, it may be time to give them a lift, literally. Stop by your local hardware store for a ladder or step stool that either fits the store aesthetic or can be painted to get the right look. With the steps placed in a corner of your store where they won’t be bumped into, set a wooden tray of jewelry on each level.

To assemble a hanging display, along the lines of a mobile, you need more chain and at least two trays. A mirrored tray might work best for this DIY project. Attach a length of chain to each corner of one tray, leaving enough space to arrange jewelry on the various levels. Fasten the chain to another tray and continue until you achieve the number you want. On the top layer, bring all four chains together and attach a hook to hang the mobile in your store.

Additional articles
Another unique design simply dresses up the trays themselves with the inclusion of interesting objects. For example, you can buy a few muffin pans and spray paint them to make them beautiful. With the muffin pan secured on the tray, fill each of the cups with little rings.

You can also find tiny bonsai-type trees or even a few small branches, to hang jewelry from. Place a few on each tray, perhaps a varied arrangement, and dangle earrings, bracelets and more from the plants and branches.

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