Spring jewelry trends to display this month

Spring jewelry trends to display this month
Every outfit deserves to be jazzed up with a few well-chosen accessories. Whether you add a jaunty hat to your look or flaunt some statement earrings with a simple sun dress, these details allow you to take your style to the next level.

As your store fills with shoppers hungry for trendy spring fashion, make sure your Iron Lace Jewelry Displays are stocked with jewelry styles that are big this year

Colors to consider

When professionals in a bevy of industries – including architecture, graphic design, interior decorating and fashion design – need to select colors for projects, they look to Pantone’s expertise. A subsidiary of X-Rite, a company that deals with color-related technology, Pantone is considered the authority on color. According to the website, it began with the mission of making a more accurate system of colors for graphic designers but has since expanding into other creative fields.

Pastel hues tend to lead the way in terms of color schemes during spring months. Pantone isn’t straying too far from tradition, but the shades it selected are more dynamic than many pastel colors. There are four shades of blue that resemble periwinkle, muted royal blue, turquoise and baby blue. Pale yellow, green, pink, orange purple shades bring some of those classic pastels in, but bolder than you’d think of for Easter decorations.

Armed with this knowledge, be sure to stock store displays with accessories in these popular colors. Because this palette affects the entire fashion industry, shoppers will be looking for jewelry to

Looks for the ladies

Between fashion shows and jewelry conferences, you can get an idea of trends your shoppers will be searching for this spring. JCK Magazine reported on the American Gem Trade Association’s GemFair in Arizona, which took place in the beginning of February.

Colored gemstones were all the rage at the GemFair.

A few of the prevalent styles during last fall’s fashion week runway shows included statement earrings and unbalanced pairings. Whether models were wearing two completely different styles of earrings that were designed as a set, or adorning one ear while leaving the other bare, it’s all about adding a playful spin to accessorizing.

Meanwhile, several trends were apparent at the AGTA GemFair as sellers, buyers and collectors peruse the booths. When it comes to sourcing gemstones, rubies from Mozambique and opals from Ethiopia were popular. Colored gemstones were all the rage at the GemFair, as they’ve been at major award shows this year. Emeralds, pink sapphires and rubies sourced from Greenland had their own display. There’s also been demand for peach or orange sapphires, as well as purple gems.

This trend toward bright stones was spotted at the 2015 Golden Globes. Actress Lupita Nyong’o of “12 Years A Slave” donned a pair of dangle earrings with amethyst and peridot gems, while Emily Blunt wore bright blue statement earrings with her pristine white gown.

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